Video Reviews of Zack Zaibak, DDS
Lumineers Review from Director of Mrs. Illinois Pageant

General Patient Review from Former New York Yankee

Invisalign Orthodontics and Contouring Review



” I just had my 60th birthday and I wanted to do something to help enhance my looks. I didn’t want braces and a mouth full of wires for a long period of time. I was looking for immediate results. Then I heard about Dr. Zaibak and after consulting with him, I had my answer. Lumineers. The results were fantastic!!! Can’t wait to do the rest of my teeth.”
M. Mifflin
Tinley Park, IL

” Prior to this experience, my teeth were very small. However, through both gum surgery and Lumineers, my new smile is great. I’m really happy with the results and my experience with Dr. Zaibak.”
K. Hegner
Orland Park, IL

” My experience was very pleasent. There was absolutely no pain and the procedure was quick. My teeth look great and I can confidently smile!”
K. Pekal
Bridgeview, IL

” I have hated my smile for most of my adult life. I stumbled into Dr. Zaibak Office, but am i glad that i did. I will no longer be embarrassed to smile or be so self conscious. Thanks Dr. Zaibak!”
D. Jarigese
Frankfort, IL

“Wow! It’s the smile I’ve always wanted, and finally have. Thank you so much. I tried braces, consulted for Invisalign and then came the option of Lumineers, thank god. I feel like I have a model smile. I don’t have to hide in pictures, I’ll be in line happy to smile for any camera. You all were so nice and comforting through the procedure and I’d refer you to my family and friends. 100%. Thanks again.”
K. Hand
Frankfort, IL

” Just in time for the holidays! Now I’ll actually smile in pictures. No more covering my mouth when I smile or laugh. Thank you!”
E. Rosario
Buffalo Grove, IL

” I am very pleased with my experience. The procedure was painless and the results are fantastic. The office is very comfortable and has great technology. Dr. Zaibak makes his patients very comfortable and explains the procedure for patient comfort.”
J. Markovich
Palos Heights, IL

” I must say that I was highly pleased at the Zaibak Center for Denistry, not only for my now awesome teeth, but for the excellent service I received from Dr. Zaibak and his staff. I am extremely satisfied with my Lumineers and Zoom whitening. My teeth used to be spaced and small, and now you’d think I had some of the best natural looking teeth. I wish I had this done prior to the filming of my last movie – Bitter Blue. Now with my new smile, more acting job doors will be opened.”
C. Casper (ACTOR)
Orland Park, IL

” Dr. Zaibak has a wonderful establishment, a beautiful staff, beautiful people making beautiful smiles. I traveled from Las Vegas Nevada, just to get my Lumineers from Dr. Zaibak. Hands down, Dr. Zaibak’s operation is the most phenominal experience I’ve ever experienced! Thanks DR Z!”
J. Gemmer
Las Vegas, NV

” Thank you for giving me a movie star smile! Everyone here has been wonderful, I can’t thank you enough!:)”
C. Ellul
New Lenox, IL

” This is a helpful and friendly staff that makes one feel welcome from the first appointment. Dr. Zaibak is a true artist in developing that “New Smile”. The Lumineers made my smile look model-perfect.”
C. Clark
New Lenox, IL

” I am a fifty four year old and I have a great fear of dentists. I didn’t think my teeth were that bad, but now when I smile, I know my teeth look great, and I find myself smiling more and more. I want people to see my teeth and see how good they look. Dr. Zaibak is the only dentist that I have full trust in, giving me my new smile. I now have a very confident smile.”
P. Willer
Blue Island, IL

“I want to thank Dr. Zaibak and his assistant Dana for their wonderful professional work. I am extremely happy with my crowns and my smile is something I’m proud to have and show . Thank you, again.”
S. Berlongieri
Tinley Park, IL

“I am completely satisfied with the care, service and outcome of my transformation. At first I hesitated because my teeth were so mis-alligned. After seeing the difference that was made in my whole facial appearance, I recommend this procedure for all those who care about their smile .”
S. Norris
Harvey, IL

“After I got my wisdom teeth taken out, I never wanted to go to the dentist again! When I was introduced to Dr. Zaibak and his staff, my fear was gone. I thought I would never trust another dentist again. Dr. Zaibak and his staff were gentle, sweet and they made my smile a healthy one. Thanks.”
S. Wise
Oak Forest, IL

” Dr. Zaibak is a wonderful articulate dentist. He has done such an amazing job on bonding my teeth. I willl be back in the future. Thank you for doing such an awesome job and for a pleasant experience.”
N. Balaskas
Lockport, IL

“Everything has been very pleasant and well explained. I appreciate your concern for my overall satisfaction. I feel comfotable with expressing my wants and concerns for a healthy, beautiful, smile.”
C. Krawczyk
Monee, IL

“Everyone here was very friendly and showed great care for me. The Lumineers have made my smile so much better and I am more confident in myself. Dr. Zaibak was a huge help in filling the gaps in my teeth so that I can smile with confidence. He did a great job with my teeth and i would suggest him to others.”
D. Corsiglia
Park Forest, IL

“Thanks Dr. Z & Aileen! It was EASY & FAST. I look HOT! HA! HA! It’s like an instant new me! I highly recommend it!”
K. Smith
Tinley Park, IL

” Everyone was very helpful and professional. A great staff and Dr. Zaibak went out of his way to make sure I was happy.”
T. Murphy
Tinley Park, IL

“Even though I was nervous about this process, everyone here made me feel comfortable. It is really a delight coming here. Lumineers is the way to go. All of my natural teeth are intact, and the process was fast and painless compared to the process if i were to have veneers instead.”
D. Mix
Oak Lawn, IL

“The experience was very pleasant and moved quickly. The staff is very helpful and professional. I would highly recommend to everyone.”
P. Hickey
Frankfort, IL

” Overall, I’m happy with the new look I have. I am sure it will surprise some people how much better it looks.”
M. Mesaf
Oak Lawn, IL

“My whole experience with the Dr. & his team has been wonderful. Everyone seems so caring and concerned. Dr. Zaibak was very patient with me during the six months I had to endure deep cleaning and cavities to get to the new smile I wanted very badly. Now I am feeling more confident and more assured. I will definetly refer my friends and family.”
D. Moore
South Holland, IL

“I am so glad that i decided to do this. It was fast, pain free and with great results. Dr. Zaibak and staff were wonderful! Thank you so much, and I would highly recommend the procedure to anyone who is considering it. Thanks again to Dr. Zaibak and his wonderful, professional staff.”
E. Kosinski
Orland park, IL

“I have been waiting a long time to have a smile this great. Thank you so much Dr. Z. Everyone is so nice and comforting here. They made sure I wasn’t in pain. I am so glad I came to Dr. Z!”
N. Jaber
Palos Hills, IL